The PETtrac Database - Working with dog & cat breeders

Dog and cat breeders who wish to implant MicroChips themselves and have been suitably trained are always looking at the different services offered by MicroChip databases and suppliers.

The introduction of Compulsory Microchipping for Dogs in 2016 has meant that dog breeders in particular are spending more time researching the benefits that the MicroChip databases have to offer.

Registering AVID pet MicroChips

Using some of the latest technology available the UK PETtrac Database offers more ways than ever before to register AVID Pet MicroChips.

Special Breeder Options: We've developed some very bespoke tools which enable breeders to very easily comply with the legislation regarding registration of breeder's details on the MicroChip database. For more details about these features please speak to one of our experts on 01273 408720.

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Buying AVID pet identification MicroChips

Pet MicroChips are supplied by AVID, who manage the UK PETtrac MicroChip Database service - but the two go hand in hand.

We think it is important that you understand the relationship between the products and services as it means that we can offer complete traceability for our products, and a better level of service to you.

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