Benefits of the UK PETtrac Database, to vet practices

Managed by AVID, MicroChip Identification Products
There are many benefits to veterinary practices, whether you are implanting MicroChips that are registered with the PETtrac Database or just need to help reunite a pet which is registered with us.

Registration Benefits

  • Instant, paperless registration!
    Electronic registration services is one of the biggest changes in recent years and the UK PETtrac Database has a wide range of services to help you register a MicroChip in just seconds!
  • A fast and efficient service
    Registering a pet electronically today would mean that the pet owner normally receives their paperwork within 2 days!

Other Benefits

  • Freephone telephone numbers
    It might only seem like a little thing, but the freephone numbers mean that neither you or your pet owning clients have to pay to contact us; this is also true of charitable rescue organisations when they find stray pets.
    Again, it's a simple thing but the PETtrac Database recognised that there was a need to help people work out which UK MicroChip Database to contact, so in 2011 PETtrac launched this bespoke website to help identify with which database a MicroChip is registered.
  • The Pet Chip Update Campaign
    Helping to keep MicroChip contact information up-to-date with the pet MicroChip databases in the UK.