Archie The Escape Artist!

In July 2009 Chris & Julie from Stanford-le-Hope went on holiday to Paris, leaving their toy poodle Archie in the care of a family member about 20 miles away in Maldon. Unfortunately Archie managed to escape through a gap in the garden hedge and he disappeared into thin air.
On their return from holiday, Archie's distraught owners spent many days travelling to the area where he went missing distributing posters and leaflets in the hope that someone might have seen him. As the months went by with no news, hope of ever seeing Archie again began to fade, and with heavy hearts his devastated owners buried his toys in the garden by way of saying goodbye to him.
On the 26th January 2011 the Oxford City Council Dog Warden found Archie, and thanks to his microchip was able to contact the overjoyed owners. That day also happened to be Julie's birthday, so what an amazing gift to have her precious companion back home where he belonged, and all thanks to the microchip!
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