Arnie - he's back!

After 4 1/2 years, our missing grey tabby cat Arnie "I'll be back" finally came home thanks to PETtrac!

He went missing, age 11, from a rental property 2 weeks before we moved into our new home in Leicestershire and despite looking for him even after the move, we soon lost hope of ever finding him - until a call from a local vet came a few days ago, saying we have Arnie here!

At first I didn't believe it but it was true! A kind couple had been feeding him since July and decided to adopt him if he didn't belong to anyone and so our contact details came up when the vet scanned the information on Arnie's microchip. He's 15 now and in surprisingly good health for being a stray all this time, and has settled right back in.

Thank you to PETtrac for our Christmas 2020 miracle!

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