Fur and Feathers! Found after 52 days!

We adopted our furry baby Basmati Tilda in June 2016 from the RSPCA in North Somerset. They were a litter of five. She was of course the cheeky, cute little ginger and white sister to four boysterous brothers! She was already fully neutered and microchipped at her young age of ten weeks old! She was some eleven weeks old when she was ready to meet her forever family in her forever home! It was a beautiful day and a beautiful moment when we brought our furry baby home.

We watched her grow from an energetic, playful kitten into a gorgeous cat. Although Basmati is very confident she is very shy and nervous of strangers. She loves playing in our back garden and has a keen eye for the birds. She has a favourite tree in the garden that she enjoys climbing and to watch the birds.

Basmati went missing on 08/03/2020! This is totally out of character! Despite posting her details on four websites and hand delivering no less than 200 hand written notes to local residents, notifying local vets and Pettrac etc., Basmati could not be found.

Then, out of the blue on the 29/4/20 some 52 days later a veterinary practice some 15 miles away telephoned to say that a lady following the RSPCA’s advice had brought Basmati in saying she looked like a lost cat.

The vets scanned her and contacted Pettrac whom provided our details. When the vets telephoned us to say where Basmati is we collected her straight away. She is slowly recovering from her ordeal.

If she hadn’t been microchipped we would have lost her for good!

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