Ferret Reunited After Two Weeks

The 24hr UK PETtrac Database regularly deals with MicroChip reunification calls for pet MicroChips implanted overseas. However, it is not a common occurrence for those MicroChips to be implanted in ferrets!

It was the middle of October when PETtrac took the call from Lily at Ferret Rescue Surrey, who was surprised to find that the ferret she had found had been implanted in France.

As part of the high level of customer service, PETtrac contacted the French database who told PETtrac that the MicroChip was registered to a pet shop in France.

The information was relayed to Ferret Rescue Surrey and at that time it was thought the pet would have to be rehomed to a new keeper.

It was two weeks later when the original keeper called the PETtrac Database about the ferret, known as Max.

The keepers said that they had lost hope after he went missing five days before they went away on holiday.

A neighbour was asked to check regularly the food they had left out for him just in case he made his way back.

It was such a surprise for the owners that they were able to be reunited with Max and they were grateful for all the effort which the Ferret Rescue Surrey and UK PETtrac Database had gone to in order to reunite them.

His best friend Jack the dog was so happy to have him back they bounced around playing!


MicroChipping is not just for dogs and cats

PETtrac would like to remind anyone who finds a stray animal that it is not just dogs and cats that are implanted with pet MicroChips. It is now more and more common that ferrets, rabbits and birds are also MicroChipped.

If you find a stray animal, no matter what the species, please take them to be scanned at a vet, rescue centre or animal warden service.

For more information on the 24hr UK PETtrac MicroChip Database service please visit www.pettrac.co.uk or call freephone 0800 652 8 977.

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