Hamish, A Delivery Direct To Your Door!

A story from the past that we couldn't help but share with you after speaking to Hamish's owner this morning at the UK PETtrac Database.
In 2008, Hamish the Moggy obviously saw something he liked the look of in a supermarket delivery van as he hopped on board whilst the delivery driver was busy unloading groceries. The delivery van then travelled some miles back to the Supermarket for reloading. On arrival and on opening the van door, the delivery driver saw Hamish jump out and run off towards the supermarket.
Back at Hamish's house, his owner was growing concerned for his whereabouts and after a neighbour said she had seen Hamish jump onto the delivery van, Hamish's owner quickly phoned PETtrac and supermarkets in the area to alert them that her young cat was missing.
A few days had passed when Hamish's owner received a call from a local veterinary practice to say that Hamish had walked into their surgery of his own accord! He must have known exactly how to get home! On scanning Hamish for his AVID pet MicroChip number and calling the UK PETtrac Database, Hamish's owner details were able to be retrieved and a very hungry Hamish was returned home safe and well.
This reunification story is just another example of how the UK PETtrac Database operates 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year to provide around-the-clock protection for pets with AVID pet MicroChips and continued advice and support for pet owners.
For more information or if you have your own fantastic reunification story, please contact the UK PETtrac Database on freephone 0800 652 8 977.

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