Howie`s New Family

Pets are reunited with their owners on a daily basis thanks to their AVID pet MicroChip, but in this story of reunification it was a little different. The last time Howie was seen was in April when he was reported missing, until a call 4 months later in August, from a veterinary practice who had scanned Howie's pet MicroChip during an examination!
Howie had adopted new owners over 10 miles away no-one is quite sure how he got there and had been living with them since May. As he had settled with the new family the previous owner, Linda, was happy to let Howie stay with them. Linda said It is all thanks to his pet MicroChip! It is so nice to have a happy ending to the story and to know that he is living very happily in a good home with a new family and children.
The UK PETtrac Database operates 24hrs a day to help reunite lost pets with their owners, using the AVID pet MicroChips. If you have a reunification story that you would like to share with us then please contact us as we would love to share it with other pet owners. For more information on AVID MicroChips visit and for the UK PETtrac Database visit

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