Jacobs Lucky Return Home

Imagine that feeling of walking out into your garden and finding that your beloved companion is nowhere to be seen. Hunting the house high and low and still no sign.
The Capel family thought they would never see their Lurcher, Jacob, ever again when he went missing some weeks ago. Mr Capel had let Jacob wander the garden whilst the weather was glorious outside and left the door open for Jacob to roam around as he always did. An hour passed and Mrs Capel returned home and was not greeted by Jacob as she always was. On alerting her husband that Jacob was gone, panic began to settle in. One minute he was there and the next he was gone, said Mr Capel.
Over the next two weeks and after alerting the UK 24hr PETtrac Database that Jacob was missing, the family tried everything they could to find Jacob. Posters and flyers were put up around the town, vets and rescue centres in the area were alerted and various lost and found pet services also helped with the hunt. The family were worried they would never find Jacob and it was confirmed that he had been stolen from the garden.
The family received no calls or further information regarding Jacob for two weeks. That was until yesterday morning when a Veterinary Practice in Maidstone near to the area called Mr Capel to confirm that Jacob had been handed in! It was an unbelievable feeling to know that Jacob was alive, safe and well! said Mr Capel The vet was so calm and cool when telling me the news but I was so shocked and happy he would be returned home!
JacobJacob had been found wandering in Malling Road, Teston without his collar when a lady drove past him and decided to take him to the vets to find out who the owner was. On scanning Jacob the AVID MicroChip number was found and a quick call to 24hr UK PETtrac Database to retrieve his details meant Jacob was quickly reunited with his family who were of course overwhelmed and very, very happy!
Jacob is now at home and yesterday was resting in his usual spot in front of the fire, safe in good health and sporting a brand new collar! We are so pleased Jacob is now safe at home with his family.
This latest reunification story is just another example of how the UK PETtrac Database operates 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year to provide around-the-clock protection for pets with AVID pet MicroChips and continued advice and support for pet owners.
For more information or if you have your own fantastic reunification story, please contact the UK PETtrac Database on freephone 0800 652 8 977.

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