Jasmine`s Very Own Pet Pad!

Another fantastic story came in this afternoon from Jasmine the Grey Tabbys owners. Jasmine had been missing for a few days and her owners had reported her missing on the The UK 24hr PETtrac MicroChip Database.
Mrs Glasper grew increasingly concerned and began to worry that Jasmine wouldn't find her way back home. Following the advice from PETtrac Mrs Glasper posted leaflets through every door in her neighbourhood to remind people to keep a look out for Jasmine and check their own garages and sheds.
This morning Mrs Glasper had a phone call from her neighbour to say they had recieved a poster through the door and checked the shed but no luck, Jasmine was nowhere to be seen. That was until Mrs Glaspers neighbour suddenly remembered the Wendy House! An hour after the inital phone call, Mrs Glasper recieved another call from her neighbour to say that Jasmine was in fact snuggled up in her little girls Wendy House between a pile of pillows and cushions!! Mrs Glasper was over the moon!
Jasmine has now returned to her family home and however much it seemed she was comfortable in her very own pet pad, her owners are thrilled to have her safe and well cuddled up on their sofa.
This latest reunification story is just another example of how the UK PETtrac MicroChip Database operates 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year to provide around-the-clock protection for pets withAVID Pet Identification MicroChips and continued advice and support for pet owners.

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