Kamikazi`s Reunification Story

Ruth was distraught when her loving boy Kamikazi went missing on 22nd January 2017.

He had been in the house around 4PM staring out the window as the winter daylight drew to a close. A couple of hours later Ruth began to panic as the evening had turned to darkness and with a typical winter seaside fog to accompany it she became worried as she could not locate him in the house. She spent her evening searching for him frantically, checking all the spots that he usually spent his time but her search proved fruitless. Her thoughts moved further afield and she printed off missing posters and posted them through letterboxes and stuck them to lampposts and walls advising people to check their garages and sheds as they may have been followed in and not realised.

After a stressful night full of worry she began to call round local vets around 9AM but there was still no news, by this point she was beside herself. Shortly after she was contacted by a vet in the area, unfortunately it was news that no pet owner wants to hear, he had been hit by a car at 5:30PM the night before and was killed by the impact. Luckily a kind woman passing by picked him up and took him home for the night to give him some dignity. Unsure of what to do next she took him to the vets in the morning where he was scanned for his chip and Ruth was contacted promptly as fortunately her details were all up to date.

"We miss Kami terribly and hope he is over the rainbow bridge, playing with other kitties in the meadows and sunshine. Fortunately the microchip was read and PETtrac reunited me with my boy. I collected him from the vet and with the biggest hugs and kisses I laid him to rest." Ruth said.

"The best way to have your pet returned to you if they go missing chip them, register them and keep your info updated. I love PETtrac." She added.

Kami was nearly three years old when he passed, Ruth had been a part of his life from pretty much the start having rescued him in Malta when he was just two days old along with another kitten who sadly didn't make it but little Kami was a fighter. He grew to be a healthy young boy with the appearance of a miniature black panther. Ruth and Kami relocated to the UK in October 2016 where he enjoyed the freedom of a large garden and a loving mother whose back he often jumped on whilst she was gardening. Ruth described him as "a happy, fun loving, handsome boy who enjoyed cuddles". He had a mischievous side that would come out when paired with his female tabby friend Widget who would often raid the biscuit box and steal food from the cupboard together.

R.I.P Kamikazi, You'll be sorely missed.

01/03/2014 - 22/01/17

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