Lula The Travelling Springer Spaniel!

When Lula the springer spaniel was microchipped in the USA, little did her owner realise how valuable this tiny pet identification device would be - even when they both moved to another continent.
In July 2010 Lula escaped from her new home in the UK and was luckily found by someone in the area. There were no contact details for the owner on Lula's collar - the only form of identification was a plastic collar tag with the telephone number for the USA PETtrac Database and her MicroChip number. The kindly neighbour called AVID's UK PETtrac database to see whether we could assist in locating the owner.
In the move Lula's owner had forgotten to register her UK address against the microchip, but fortunately there was an alternative contact listed in the USA whom PETtrac were able to reach. A quick call later and Lula was safely back home again, all thanks to AVID MicroChip and the PETtrac Database. Lula's owner was so relieved to have her back safely, and described it as testament to the fact that MicroChipping works, even when the pet was microchipped overseas.
Lula is now registered on the UK PETtrac Database, just in case she ever ventures away from home again!The 24hr UK PETtrac Database, managed by AVID Pet Identification MicroChips, provides a 24/7 service every day of the year to ensure that pets and their owners can be swiftly reunitedeven if they have travelled from a different continent.If you have moved from overseas and need to register your pet's microchip with the UK PETtrac Database, please click here and select the form titled Moved to the UK and Need to Register Your Pet's Chip to download the necessary paperwork.
For more information on the services provided by the UK PETtrac Database visit or for information on theAVID MicroChips,

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