Lynx And Her Long Walk Away From Home!

It was another call to the UK PETtrac 24hr Database for details of an AVID MicroChip which had been found by the Blue Cross little did we know at the time that Lynx had been missing for over 10 years!
'PETtrac handles hundreds of calls from owners reporting their pets missing and from vets, rescue centres and dog wardens who have found them again - but 10 years is the longest we have ever experienced' said Simon Clark of PETtrac. Patricia Charnet, Lynx's owner said : 'Lynx was with us from June 95 until February / March 1997. She is a lovely cat with a loud purr and a nice personality. When she went missing, I was very sad. I put notices in the neighbourhood, vet and local newspapers'
When I received the message from the Blue Cross at Burford, I thought this was a mistake. Then Trish told me that Lynx was found! It was all thanks to the microchip! She had been missing for 10 years! She has now settled back at home nicely.She still has a lovely loud purr, a very nice meow and a lovely, affectionate personality. Knowing what happened to Lynx for the last 10 years will remain a mystery, but in the end it will be a mystery with a miracle!
Lynx is one of thousands of pets which have been reunited with their owners thanks to the AVID MicroChip and PETtrac the UK 24hr Database Service. This story shows that no matter how long your pet is missing, there is always hope that they will return again.
'One of the biggest problems faced by PETtrac is that pet owners fail to update their contact information, and this amazing story shows that doing so can be vital. Whether it is a change of telephone number, address or ownership PETtrac needs to notified so that pet owners can be contacted should their pet be found' said Simon.
If you think your details might be out of date call PETtrac on 0800 652 8 977 Monday to Friday, 9:00am-5:30pm or visit our website. If you have lost or found a microchipped pet, call PETtrac's 24 hour service on 0800 652 9 977.

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