Maggie's 5 mile journey!

Rather than a pet owner, this story is from a member of the public who found a microchipped pet:

So Maggie Went missing from its owners late October and they assumed it had got ran over or looked for another forever home.

She first arrived in our office one morning in mid February, asleep on our cleaning managers office chair - she had climbed in through our open window at the back.

She was very malnourished and nervous, so we immediately got her some food and water and then every morning after that I would come into work and find her asleep on my chair and then desk when I left her a towel out to lie on in front of my computer screens.

From that day on we had left the window open for her so she could come and go as she pleased, she became very friendly and approachable in the end, and was a great source of comfort for our team members when they were having a bad day.

I asked my manager if we could buy a microchip reader just incase she was chipped and they fully supported my idea and it paid off as Maggie was indeed chipped and so I got the ball rolling with making contact with PETtrac. It wasn’t just myself that was involved in maggies care, it was a great team effort, my night manager was responsible for the main bulk of the cat food and another colleague for driving me to the owners house to return Maggie.

She will be sorely missed but we are super happy and glad she’s back home safe with her owners, thanks to the microchip database service, PETtrac.

She had travelled a whole 5 miles away from her home!

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