Mango`s Reunification Story

Mango is a treasured member of Jayne's family having rescued her when she was just two years old. Cue the panic when the Golden Labrador went missing on July 17th.

Jayne was weeding the front garden, whilst Jayne is putting in the hard graft out front, Mango has noticed that there may be an opportunity to explore the local area all by herself as the back gate was open. All she had to do was evade Jayne, a task she pulled off with flying colours.

Once Jayne realised Mango had pulled off the great escape she was distraught but managed to rally herself in her efforts to find her beloved canine. She informed all the vets in the area of her disappearance but this was to no avail as none of them had picked up any dogs matching her description. On top of this she got her neighbours to drive round looking for the rogue dog but again this proved fruitless.

She knew Mango had a microchip so she called us here at PETtrac to report Mango missing, we added her to our missing pets list and made sure Jayne's contact details were up to date. Within 15 minutes of her missing report being logged we received a phone call from the local dog warden who had found Mango wandering 3 miles from home. Jayne was contacted immediately and after a stressful two hours she was united with her adored pooch.

"We are so grateful that she was microchipped, because I have no doubt that we would still be looking for her now if she had not have been. When I phoned UK PETtrac to inform them that Mango was missing it was also lovely to have such a positive voice on the end of the phone, reassuring me that she would be back, and she is!"

To ensure reunification is quick and efficient it is important that your contact details are up to date. If you need to update your details or would just like to check the details we have for you, please call our amendments line 0800 652 8 977, open Monday-Friday 09:00-17:30.

PETtrac would also like to remind you that it is a legal requirement for any dogs in a public place to be wearing a collar tag with the keeper's name and address on it. We offer engraved brass collar tags for £6.50, order here or call us on 0800 652 8 977.

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