Pet reunited in the USA after nearly 3 years thanks to an AVID pet MicroChip!

I have AVID to thank, for finally getting me back in touch with our family dog, after almost 3 YEARS of missing her, and an over 800 mile journey!! 

I wanted to share an amazing story with all of you about our dog, Sara, that has been missing for almost three years now

Hey all! I'm looking for some ideas/help. Two and a half years ago my family 5 kids, my husband and I lost our border collie/aussie, when we had to leave her with a friend for a short time. After putting out flyers and contacting all of the appropriate resources to find
her, we never heard anything again.
Just today, I got a call from a vet tech in UTAH! They have our dog Sara! She's chip
ped so they knew who to call. We live in Aumsville Or, and my husband just got back to work again after being out for a while, so we are not prepared for a sudden, very expensive, road trip
Do any of you know anyone/organizations that could put together a doggy relay or shuttle type thing, from Utah to Oregon? After 2.5 years I had given up all hope of seeing our Sara again, our kids have been heartbroken wanting her back. Now I'm so emotional and excited to FINALLY have word of her again!
Any information would be greatly appreciated. I'm almost desperate enough to try to set up a paypal thing but I feel so bad asking for that kind of help. I figured if there are any volunteer or small donation people willing to drive part way, that would be my best chance of having her back with us.
Thank you!!!
**Since I shared this yesterday on NW Pet Classifieds FB page, the sense of community and networking is overwhelming! A friend of ours has a group of friends that happen to be visiting Utah this week, and have volunteered to drive her back to Oregon! Hopefully we will see her again on Saturday! 
We are still racking up kennel fees while Sara is at Westlake Vet Hospital being taken care of. They are amazing for scanning her microchip and getting our family finally reconnected with our beloved pet again.
If transportation for Sara doesn't work out as planned, I'm still trying to organize other options.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story, and please share so other pet owners can keep their hope alive too! Please, please, microchip your pets!
** I would love it if you would share my story with everyone!

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