Pickle The Cat - Reunited After 5 weeks!

Pickle went missing 7th Feb 2015. She sometimes stops out mousing but not in the winter.
After a couple of days I started searching for her at her usual hunting grounds for days I searched but there was no sign of her.
She comes when called and in the summer she will come and reassure me that she is fine and then go off hunting again.
The weather had been dreadful, freezing and snow and still no sightings. I called Avid's PETtrac Database and reported her missing but by now I believed she was dead.

This is her history

My beautiful rescue cat Pickle was run over when she was a baby cos her owners let her out or she got out too young, she had her hips broken. She was taken to the vets and her owners did not want her back she was about 4 months old.
The cat rescue people took her in and looked after her until I came along and bought her over 4 years ago.

Over five weeks later


Over 5 weeks after her disappearance in 2015 I was called from a vets on 16th March to say she had been brought in by a lady. Pickle had walked into the ladies farmhouse and got into the basement on 12th March she was fed and watered but then disappeared again but came back to the farmhouse on the 14th the children wanted to keep her.
The lady wanted to be sure the cat could be kept so took her to the vets for scanning on 17th March and that is how I was contacted. I am so grateful to this lady.
The likelihood of getting her back was slim. She was found 12 miles away in the middle of the countryside. One explanation is that she must have jumped into a workmanship van and was put out or escaped.
If it wasn't for her microchip I would never have seen her again.

Please remember to keep your pet's MicroChip details up to date

This great reunification story helps to highlight the importance of keeping your pet's MicroChip details up to date.  If you need to update your pet's MicroChip details you can do so here.

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