Reuniting Swedish Cat!

Byron Vets in Nottingham found out the extra lengths that PETtrac Database staff will go to, in order that a found animal can be reunited with it's owner.
When a critically ill cat was brought into their practice on a Friday afternoon in August, speed was particularly important in locating the animal's owners. Unfortunately, the microchip was not registered on the UK PETtrac Database but details of where the microchip had been sold were recordedto Sweden!
In an effort to locate the pet's owners, Heathrow and Gatwick animal reception centres were contacted and it was quickly discovered that the animal had been through the reception centre at Heathrow. Thanks to the staff at Heathrow, PETtrac were able to pass the owner's details to Byron Vets and make contact with them.
'Please say a heart-felt thank you to everyone who helped in the search - we think you are wonderful' Gemma Clark, Byron Vet Clinic

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