Tashi, The Kindergarten Cop!

Tashi, the 14 week old Shih Tzu puppy went missing on 28th October 2011 after she was left alone for just moments in her owners parents garden at 3.20pm.
The garden was safe and secure and the chance of Tashi ever escaping was very slim and besides, the puppy loved being around her family so much that she would never go off exploring.
Andy, the owner went to collect Tashi from the garden and to his horror found that Tashi was nowhere to be seen. Andy and his fiance, Anna, searched everywhere but it was as though she had just vanished!
Within minutes friends, family and neighbours were on high alert and searching around the neighbourhood for Tashi but alas, nothing. Not even a clue as to how she may have escaped!
Posters were put up in the local town and a number of calls were made to Tashi's owners. Unfortunately these calls were prank calls which, as you can imagine proved disstressing for the family. PETtrac were contacted by Anna and Tashi was reported as missing on the UK 24hr PETtrac Database and added to the missing pets list on the PETtrac website.
24 hours had passed and Tashi's owners sensibly contacted all local vets in a 5 mile radius, dog wardens in two nearby boroughs and as many rescue centres as Anna and her partner could think of. Their search was not bringing any luck.
On Thursday 3rd November the family went to bed as usual, wondering where in the world their little puppy could be. Very early the next morning they were awoken by the telephone. It was Hornsey Police Station asking Anna if she was missing a puppy!! Tashi had been found!
Someone had left Tashi in the police stations car park. The police took the puppy to a local rescue to scan for her AVID MicroChip number. Within 30 minutes of receiving the phone call Tashi was on route back to her home. There on the doorstep stood two policeman holding the families little Shih Tzu puppy!
Anna told PETtrac Whoever she was taken by had fed her well although not on the correct food which has affected her, but we are just glad she is back with us, the family thanked UK 24hr PETtrac Database for their help and added Had Tashi not been MicroChipped by AVID Plc we may never have seen her again.
This latest reunification story is just another example of how the UK PETtrac Database operates 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year to provide around-the-clock protection for pets with AVID pet MicroChips and continued advice and support for pet owners.
For more information or if you have your own fantastic reunification story, please contact the UK PETtrac Database on freephone 0800 652 8 977.

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