Tory the Guide Dog is reunited with her owner

It was a typical call that came in to the UK PETtrac Database regarding a found pet, that had been taken to Manchester Dogs Home.

It soon became clear that it was not an ordinary reunification when the pet appeared to have 2 MicroChip numbers and a tag relating to the pet being a Guide Dog from the USA.

The MicroChip was traced back to Spain via AVID's Spanish office, where the database was able to contact the owner's family in Spain and make contact with the owner in the UK.

Alba was reunited with her pet Tory shortly afterwards, and here is her story:

Yesterday I had a very strange experience.

I was at home studying, when my flatmate came and told me that Tory, my guide dog, had escaped.

I could not imagine how that had happened. Tory likes to run in the back alley in our house, as cars cannot drive there and there is some grass and places for her to sunbathe. I didn't know that the gates to this alley could be opened, and that precise day some builders had oppened them to do construction work. No problem I thought, I knew wher she could be.

Me and my flatmate went to the nearest park to find her, as she likes to swim in the lake and get very muddy when she has the chance. But after an hour of calling her, looking for her and asking people, I started worrying.

This was the first time that I had lost her, and I have been with her for more than five years!

Tory and me have travelled all over, we have lived in different countries and we had recently moved to the UK a month ago. We looked for her everywhere in the neighbourhood, but noting. In the end I went home and started calling the police and the dogs homes nearby.

Deep inside I knew that she was OK, because with so many years of being constantly together we have developed some kind of magical connection, but still I was restless.

When I was starting to get very nervous, I received a call from my mum in Spain. Somebody had called her telling that Tory had been found.  She gave me the number for the UK PETtrac Database who were able to tell me that the pet was at the Manchester Dogs Home.  They put us in touch with each other.

I was so relieved to know wher she was. I found out where the place was and picked her up. She was a bit desoriented and scared but, in the end, it had been only 2 or three hours of being separated.

This latest reunification story is just another example of how the UK PETtrac Database operates 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year to provide around-the-clock protection for pets with AVID pet MicroChips and continued advice and support for pet owners. 
For more information or if you have your own fantastic reunification story, please contact the UK PETtrac Database on freephone 0800 652 8 977.

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