UK Pet MicroChip Search

Update your pet's MicroChip or identify which UK pet MicroChip database has details of the MicroChip by entering the number here:

How does the pet MicroChip search work?

As part of the regulations for compulsory microchipping of dogs from 2016 all compliant pet microchip databases are required to provide access to other compliant databses to identify where a microchip is registered.

When you search for a pet MicroChip number, the system automatically checks all compliant databases to complete a real-time search to identify which pet MicroChip databases holds the registration.

No personal information is shared from one database to another, simply the registration status of the pet MicroChip.

In the event that a database is not contactable when the search is performed we will display this to you for you to contact them separately or try again. Likewise if no search results are found, we will attempt to display the contact details for the most likely database.