Missing pets MicroChipped with PETtrac

Pets go missing in the UK every day and to help locate them more quickly we have a list of all pets which have been listed as missing with the UK PETtrac Database.

It is vital that you keep your contact details up-to-date on the UK PETtrac Database for your pet's MicroChip.

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Date Missing Description of missing pet Reference
06/04/2017 Breed: Shetland Pony (Equine)
Colour: Piebald
Gender: Male
Lost From Postcode: KA6 since 06 Apr 2017
13/12/2013 Breed: Welsh Cob Section D (Equine)
Colour: Black w/ White Star
Gender: Male
Lost From Postcode: KW14 since 13 Dec 2013
26/10/2013 Breed: Irish Sports Horse (Equine)
Colour: Piebald
Gender: Female
Lost From Postcode: NE63 since 26 Oct 2013
01/01/2011 Breed: Cob (Equine)
Colour: Skewbald
Gender: Male
Lost From Postcode: OL2 since 01 Jan 2011