Milady, Tundra & Sherlock

Little bit of information on my little princesses.

I adopted them last year, they were abandoned and horribly treated. I've given them a new home and they've all developed such unique, loving personalities.

Milady is a cheeky little madam, but is so naturally stunning and is constantly stealing the treats of her sisters. Such a little chubby.

Tundra had to have an operation just weeks after I signed the adoption papers, she had developed bladder stones which caused her so much pain and discomfort. She developed these stones due to being left with a can of dog food, which is unsuitable for their bodies, when abandoned. She's so much happier and healthy now.

Sherlock is so caring and loving. She had horrible cuts on her nose from the opened can of dog food when she was found. The cuts healed but left very noticeable scars. I've continued to applied BioOil to her scars and they've reduced in severity considerably.

They're so intelligent and loving getting into trouble. Keep me on my toes. Love them all.

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Milady, Tundra & Sherlock