Lacuna was born September 2016 in a South African township. He and his sister Daisy were found and given two different but loving homes. During his first year of life he had regular play dates with Daisy but unfortunately hasn’t seen her since December 2017 as he made the move with his favourite human to England.

Lacuna loves to play and cuddle. He is incredibly inquisitive and adventurous. He loves treats so much they have to be locked away otherwise he will devour the entire packet in one go. Lacuna is a strong, handsome boy who weighs 5.1kg. He greets everyone who come to the front door of his home and never misses a day to welcome his human home after a long day at work.

Lacuna is loved by everyone who meets him and leaves a special mark in their memories. He is a gentle and loving being. My hopes for his future is that he lives a long happy life filled with an abundance of adventure and of course lots of treats.

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