Rabbit behaviour. My pet rabbit is a Senior Rex rabbit. She is large, black fur with white tummy, paws, ears, white outlined mouth, nose and eyes. She has an active character and beauty.

My observations of my rabbit for 5 years. My rabbit has a teddy and plays with it by licking and nuzzling it and also she sleeps on it by rolling on her side on to it. She also plays with scrunched up paper which she chews, pounces on it with a short temper.

The rabbit likes to play hide and seek with her blanket. Then falls asleep on the blanket. She has a huge appetite for dry rabbit food biscuits, lettuce and all of types of fruit and water to drink. She likes to scratch her wicker basket and chew it. When the rabbit wants something she scratches her ears. Rabbit enjoys her stroking time with me. During summer she likes to have cold water on her ears and back to cool her down. She is let out in her rabbit enclosure for 4 hours a day for exercise, washing her self, preening and jumping to stretch her legs. She also has a tunnel which she relaxes in and to keep out of the sun.

She is my pet loving companion.

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