Tiaki was a rescue dog from Many Tears animal rescue, he started life in a puppy farm and we feel he had a very hard start in life.

He also has the bottom part missing from his right rear leg.  When he came to live with us he got on very well with our two dogs but was very fearful of men in particular.  If approached directly he was very frightened and defensive.  He also didn't know about real meat (our dogs dont eat processed dog foods, they get real meat). Very soon he got two nicknames, 'Nudger' because he nudges you with his nose if he wants something and 'Tea Leaf' because he is very bold and adept at stealing food, toys etc from his doggy friends!

Tiaki is quite small for a Bichon and is considerably smaller than our older Bichon Koru.  We also have a large English Springer Spaniel bitch called Belle who Dwarf's Tiaki but he is fearless and if she has a toy that she wants he will go right up to her and very slowly and gently steal it from under her nose! We live on a country estate in Montgomeryshire and have lots of fields for the dogs to walk and play in, a river to swim in and in our paddock there is a stream to play in too.

Tiaki loves walks but can't go as far as the other two so he gets carried home fairly often.  He loves swimming in the river and especially loves his 'stream bathing' where he lies in the shallow water and lets it flow over his body! We have never seen a dog do this before.  He is a lovely boy, with a sweet nature, is an excellent Barker when it comes to protecting our boundaries, he likes to be groomed by his human mum or his older Bichon friend .  Koru often likes to clean Tiaki's eyes and ears very thouroughly with his tongue.

I find Bichons very different from most Dogs, they are loving, intelligent, funny and caring, Tiaki has all of these qualities in spades, we are very lucky to share our lives with him.

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