PETtrac Plus - Enhanced pet registration

When your pet is implanted with an AVID MicroChip, lifetime registration on the PETtrac Database is automatically included. Should you change address in the future a small charge is made which contributes to running the 24hr database service.

If you are likely to move frequently then you can join the PETtrac Plus scheme. For a one-off fee of only £16.95 you get all of the additional benefits listed below.

The benefits of enhanced registration

  • High quality engraved brass collar tag (normally £7.50) when you first sign up to PETtrac Plus.
  • Free change of details on the UK PETtrac MicroChip Database, for the lifetime of the pet, whilst you are the owner (normally £6 per change).
  • £5 discount voucher for a Pet Travel Scheme rental scanner (normally £30 per month).
  • Free alternative contact / holiday information.
  • Exclusive website features, including downloadable poster should your pet go missing.

How do I upgrade my pet's MicroChip record?

As a registered pet owner on the UK PETtrac Database, you should have received a form to upgrade to PETtrac Plus when your registration was completed with us.

Alternatively, please call our amendments team Mon-Fri 9am-5:30pm and we'll be able to help you upgrade, or log-in to the pet owner's section on our website.