Pet MicroChips are supplied by AVID MicroChips, who manage the UK PETtrac MicroChip Database service - the two go hand in hand.

We think it is important that you understand the relationship between the products and services as it means that we can offer complete traceability for our products, and a better level of service to you.

Full Traceability

Upon sale, every single MicroChip is immediately traceable back to the organisation to which it was sold, even before the MicroChip leaves our premises. This is a vital safety-net and part of the complete service we offer.

Dual Registration

An optional benefit of using AVID pet MicroChips registered with the UK PETtrac Database is that you can dual register MicroChips which you implant. This means that your contact details are added as an alternative contact as an additional safety-net should we be unable to contact the listed keeper.

AVID Pet Identification MicroChips

Simple to use and a choice of MicroChip implanter styles

AVID offers a choice of implanter styles, either a single use syringe or a a gun-style implanter.

For more information on the products we offer please click here to view our range of MicroChip products available from AVID.

AVID Pet MicroChip Scanners

A functioning pet MicroChip scanner is vital for every veterinary practice

  • The AVID MiniTracker 3 reads all current companion animal standards, including those MicroChips which originate from overseas where different pet MicroChip standards are used.
  • The MiniTracker 3 reads the MicroChips quickly andhas an impressive read range, which is particularly important where the scanning of MicroChips in equines is involved.
  • It is important to understand that a good MicroChip scanner is an investment, like any other equipment found in your veterinary practice. Unlike some MicroChip scanners, the AVID MiniTracker can be repaired should it become damaged.

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