The Pet Chip Update Campaign

Designed and Created by The PETtrac MicroChip Database

Campaign To Update Pet MicroChip Details!

As a 24hr pet MicroChip reunification database, PETtrac regularly faces the problem of invalid keeper contact details. It is extremely frustrating for any organisation finding stray pets when the keeper cannot be contacted because they have not kept their details up to date.

This is even more important when a pet is injured and requires immediate medical treatment.

For dogs, it is a legal requirement for the details to be kept up to date on the database. We want to help keepers avoid potential fines for not keeping their details up to date.

How The UK PETtrac Database Is Trying To Help

PETtrac is aiming to raise awareness of this problem by running a campaign to encourage pet owners to update their contact details on the PETtrac Database... but we need your help.

How You Can Help

If you are part of an organisation, we have promotional materials available for you to use wherever possible, to remind pet owners of the importance of keeping correct contact information on their pet's MicroChip record at all times.

If you have a pet, make sure you keep your details up to date on our system. You can contact us to see if your details are currently up to date or sign up for annual reminders to check your details.

For more information on this campaign please visit the dedicated website at or contact the PETtrac Database service for more information.

Pet Chip Update Campaign