Registering & Searching For Pet MicroChips

At PETtrac we are constantly striving to provide the easiest and most efficient service for registering MicroChips and retrieving details.

There are multiple ways to register pet MicroChips on the UK PETtrac Database and multiple ways to retrieve information if you have found a stray - see below for more details.

Please note that this is not for pet owners registering their own MicroChips. Pet owners should click here for more details.

Instantly Register Pet MicroChips Through Our Website

The majority of our customers have changed how they now register the MicroChips that they implant, switching from paper registration to an electronic system.

Registering a pet MicroChip online takes a lot less time than completing a paper registration form and gives the assurance that the pet is instantly registered and protected.

Years of Development

With years of development and enhancements, the system has been tailored to the requirements of vet practices, rescue centres, dog wardens and individual implanters. In 2022 we launched the latest version of our website with even more improved features.

Integrated postcode software, autocomplete fields for breeds and colours, and the ability to re-use information for litters of animals all help make registrations a quick and simple process.

Instantly Register Pet MicroChips Using Your Practice Management System

If you're using a practice management system or a software package to manage your client's details then it might be possible to register their pet's MicroChips directly on the UK PETtrac Database.

Supporting software systems (generally those which support VetXML and VetEnvoy) send the client's and animal's details automatically to us with the pet's MicroChip number to facilitate MicroChip registration in seconds!

But Will it Work With My System?

There are a lot of veterinary and rescue organisation systems that now support this feature, so just get in touch with us and we'll be able to tell you whether yours will.

We've also been able to work with bespoke systems (designed by or for the specific vet practice or rescue centre) to enable them to integrate this functionality. Talk to us about this as well.

Contact us to discuss setting up your practice management system.

Registering a Pet MicroChip Using Paper Forms

The majority of our customers have changed how they now register the pet MicroChips that they implant, switching from paper registration to an electronic method, but on occasions that isn't possible which is why we still offer the option to register chips via paper registration forms.

Searching for Pet MicroChips - Reuniting Lost Pets

When a stray animal is scanned you will need to check the MicroChip details with the relevant MicroChip database.

We understand that different people like different things, which is why we have multiple ways to access this information 24 hours a day:

  • Freephone telephone numbers
  • Online search facility via our website
  • Via our mobile apps for smartphones and tablets

Would You Like to Know More?

If you have any questions about how any of services could benefit your organisation please call us on 01273 408721.