The PETtrac Database - helping your animal rescue centre

The UK PETtrac Database service recognises the hard work which rescue organisations carry out to rehome pets with new keepers/owners.

We're always trying to make things that little bit easier, so that you have more time to spend looking after the animals in your care, and less time spent on administration work.

Register & search for pet MicroChips

Using some of the latest technology available the UK PETtrac Database offers more ways than ever before to register pet MicroChips and also to search for keeper information when a pet has been found.

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The Pet Chip Update Campaign

As a 24hr pet MicroChip reunification database, PETtrac regularly faces the problem of invalid owner/keeper contact details. It is extremely frustrating for any organisation finding stray pets when the owner/keeper cannot be contacted because the details recorded against the MicroChip have not been updated.

Pet Chip Update Campaign

MicroChips and The PETtrac Database

The UK PETtrac MicroChip Database service is managed by AVID Plc, who supply the AVID Pet MicroChips - the two go hand in hand.

This relationship enables the PETtrac Database to offer a more comprehensive service because they understand how the services should interact with the microchip registration and reunification processes.

We think it is important that you understand the relationship between the products and services as it means that we can offer complete traceability for our products, and a better level of service to you.

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