Rehoming pets registered with The UK PETtrac Database

The UK PETtrac Database service recognises the hard work which rescue organisations carry out to rehome pets with new keepers/owners.

We also understand that you already have plenty of paperwork to complete for a change of keeper when you rehome an animal, and that's why we set out to make it easier for you.

Do you check the MicroChip registration for an animal surrendered to your care?

It is very important that you check to make sure the individual surrendering the pet is the same person registered on the pet MicroChip.

Unfortunately, we see more and more cases where a stolen pet is surrendered to a rescue centre, or where there is a dispute between keepers. By checking the MicroChip details on the database you can help to safeguard any potential problems you could encounter.

In completing this vital part of the process it will also help you to identify which UK MicroChip Database you need to contact to re-register the MicroChip once the pet has been rehomed.

An online system that can save you a lot of time

We have an online system that can help you generate the paperwork in seconds, using the same autocomplete fields and rapid entry address features which you find in our registration system.

You just need to complete this, sign the declaration and then return this form to us. This can be returned via scanning & email, post or fax. If the form is completed in this way, it produces a barcode of the MicroChip number, your organisation details alongside those of the new keeper and we can process this more quickly.

If you still have questions about this service, please contact us so that we can give you advice about how to use this service and also talk you through a demonstration on-line.